Dyno Tuning and Peformance Enhancements in Wallan East


Black Widow Automotive are specialists in Performance Dyno Tuning and all work our expert mechanics perform is fully covered by the Repco Authorised Service Nationwide warranty.

When it comes to high performance tuning, Black Widow Automotive are the experts. 

What is Dyno Tuning?

Dyno Tuning is high tech tune up of your vehicle, specifically the engine, by a suitably qualified mechanic.

The term ‘Dyno’ comes from the specialised equipment used in the tune up, called a dynamometer. Using a dynamometer, a qualified Black Widow Automotive mechanic can measure engine speed and torque, which can then be used to calculate engine-power output.

All this can be achieved safely and without your car ever leaving the workshop. Dynamometers use rollers to allow the testing of specific speed or torque settings under controlled conditions. This then allows the mechanic performing the Dyno Tune to fine tune your engine based on very specific test results.

Adjusting the air/fuel ratio to better suit your type of engine for example, can greatly improve performance yet maintain maximum fuel efficiency.

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What are the advantages of Dyno Tuning?

One of the biggest advantages of a dyno tune is the fact that the car is tuned based on the results of testing under various driving conditions. This means a Black Widow Automotive mechanic can tune your car to perform at its best when it really matters – while driving it.

A vehicle on the dynamometer, with the driving wheels on the dyno rollers, is tested with the engine running, in gear, and under various speeds and load conditions. The mechanic is then able to fully monitor the engine performance via a computer and compare the horsepower transmitted to the drive wheels against the amount of vacuum present in the engine.

Fuel and air levels are closely monitored whilst checking the carburetion throughout each circuit of the carburettor. The mechanic then makes adjustments as indicated by the results of the dyno tuning. The actual adjustments made and the time it is likely to take will depend largely on the type of car being tuned, the normal driving application of the vehicle and any other information you have supplied to the mechanic on booking the car in.

Dyno Tuning in Wallan East

Many performance components on the market today boast huge horsepower and torque gains.

While individually some of those claims may be realistic, knowing what combinations of parts to use is essential in getting the most from your performance dollars. Using our two wheel Chassis Dyno, Black Widow Automotive can graph horsepower and torque increases and fine tune those combinations to get the most from the parts being installed while maintaining a realistic Fuel Efficiency.

We have access to all of the latest scan tools to check and reset ECU code operations. We also clean and test our own injectors, rather than using a 3rd party service, on our own injector test and clean bench. When we dyno tune your vehicle we are performing a car tune-up of the highest quality, using a measured and systematic approach, which will provide you with more power, and the smoothest, most economical performance possible from your vehicle.

My car isn't custom or modified - do I still need a dyno tune?

Any type of car can benefit from a dyno tune. It's not just about super hot rod performance - it's also about economical performance. Dyno Tuning optimises your air/fuel ratio which means your car will use less petrol, which is good for your wallet and for the environment. If you're unsure if your car would benefit from a dyno tune - call us today - we are more than happy to discuss your vehicle and give you some advice. This means your vehicle will be able to create more power and use the least amount of fuel to do so. The result is better overall performance, better fuel efficiency and less carbon emissions.

If you would like:

  • More Power from your car
  • Maximum Reliability
  • To spend less on petrol/ Better fuel economy
  • Improved Engine Responsiveness
  • Greater Torque Spread

Then a Dyno Tune at Black Widow Automotive in Wallan East is for you!

You've invested a lot of time and money in your vehicle's performance - finish the job right by making sure the engine is running at it's maximum potential. Every car has subtle differences and this is especially true with modified vehicles - a standard tune-up just won't cut it. To get the best possible performance from your beloved hot rod or custom car there is no substitute for an expert dyno tune by someone who understands and shares your passion for driving an ultimate performance vehicle.

Maximise Fuel economy and performance with a Dyno Tune from Black Widow Automotive.

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